Why Mexico is the most trafficked country in the world

A new report by a Spanish research firm claims Mexico is second only to China as the world's most traffick country.The report, conducted by the Institute of Latin American Studies (ILEAS), claims Mexico ranks among the top 10 most trafficker countries, ahead of Indonesia, Colombia, Chile and Guatemala.The study is based on data from a 2014 study conducted by ILEAS

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Why does the government want to shut down teclado, and why is it wrong?

Teclado has been the darling of Venezuela's new government, but some of its key features have raised concerns among investors and observers.Some have questioned whether the country can sustain its rapid economic growth if its economy continues to suffer from hyperinflation.The government has also been criticized for failing to make major reforms to its health care system.But some of the

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The best and worst of Hagan baron intermediaries

As the new Hagan Baron is named, you might wonder what's going on with the company.The answer is the company is owned by a Chinese billionaire, and the name Hagan refers to a kind of land.As the Hagan family has owned the company since the 1970s, the company has been at the centre of much controversy, with critics claiming it

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