Adalah to shut down bitcoin exchange amid US court ruling

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has filed a lawsuit against Bitfinex, the largest bitcoin exchange in the United States, for allegedly violating the federal securities laws.The digital currency exchange is a major player in the world of cryptocurrency and one of the most active on the world's largest trading platform.The suit was filed in the US District Court for the Eastern

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How to get your ads seen by more people in India

Times of Indian (TIN) has launched a free tool that will let you tailor your advertisements to get them seen more frequently by people who have access to more of the digital space.TIN has partnered with e-commerce and marketing companies, like Adalah and CMS intermediary to create a simple, user-friendly interface that will allow you to easily target advertisements to

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Which companies are trying to make you pay more for their products?

CFTC registration intermediary program (RIPP) is a scheme that allows businesses to buy or sell products that are registered with a foreign company.The RIPPs website is designed to allow businesses to advertise and sell their products on the platform.The website allows companies to list their products and services, and the companies can then make a commission on the sale.The company

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