Barclays says it is moving forward with $2 billion settlement to settle allegations of corruption

Barclays is in the process of settling with regulators, the company said Thursday.Barclays said it is paying $2.25 billion to settle claims of corruption in Spain and the U.K. The settlement with the European Union and U.S. Treasury requires the bank to pay a $1.8 billion fine.Barclays' U.k. unit has been under investigation by the Financial Conduct Authority for a

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Austrian regulator will impose limits on financial intermediaries

Austrian regulators have issued a decree ordering companies to implement the country's strictest financial regulations.The directive issued Monday sets out requirements for the "regulation of the financial intermediation of third parties."The move comes amid growing concern that Austrian banks are being used by wealthy individuals and businesses to avoid tax by hiding their identities.Ahead of the decree, the Austrian government

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