Colombia’s Intermediary Selling License: How to Get it in Your State

Colombia's intermediary selling license is not a license to sell products directly to consumers, but rather is an agreement that gives you a license from the state to sell goods to consumers through an intermediary.The intermediary is usually a retailer or a wholesaler that will make the sale to the consumer through the intermediary.The intermediary is typically a retailer that

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FIFA’s licensing of intermediary rights to players will help regulate corruption

FIFA, the international governing body of soccer, has decided to license the rights of its intermediaries to players, but the rights will only be used for promoting and regulating the sport.The decision, announced by the FIFA Executive Committee in a statement released on Wednesday, was announced to the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) on Wednesday afternoon.FIFA said that the

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What is the deal with the TESCO deal?

The TESCo, an African financial intermediary, has signed a deal with African Financial Institutions, the Financial Conduct Authority of the African Union, and the Financial Markets Authority of South Africa to allow it to trade and trade derivatives with the Indian financial markets.The deal will also allow TESco to enter into financial services agreements with banks and other financial institutions

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