What is the hidden web of online intermediaries?

The internet is full of intermediaries and intermediaries selling, from the biggest brands to small businesses to individuals.The internet has made it incredibly easy for companies to build trust and build relationships with potential customers, but many of these businesses are not necessarily transparent about how they manage their online businesses.What we need to know is what happens when they

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What you need to know about banks’ privacy policies

The bank intermediary is an intermediary between a bank and a customer, typically the customer's bank.When you have a banking relationship with a bank, your banking relationship is confidential, but your banking data is not.You are not required to tell the bank you have chosen to use an intermediary.It is, however, your obligation to notify the bank if you think

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How to interpret the data about intermediaries

Independent intermediaries metabolise carbon differently from people.In the case of CO 2 , they have a high concentration in the blood and exhale it, while the rest of us use the gas as an energy source.In contrast, people metabolise CO 2 by burning fat.This has implications for understanding the pathways of human metabolism.One of the most common pathways for CO

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