How to raise money for intermediary investopsedia

BUCKLEY, Va.-- The bidders for the first round of $250 million of new equity financing for intermediation companies said Tuesday they hope to break ground in 2019.In an interview with NBC News, the Bidders Committee for Bancor, the group that represents the major financial institutions that are involved in Bancors platform, said it is expecting to raise $100 million to

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How to buy a home in Africa: Banks and credit unions can help

Africa's central bank, the International Monetary Fund, says that there are some new opportunities for home buying in Africa, with more banks lending money to people who need help with mortgages and other financial obligations.Africa's largest bank, Banco Santander SA, has lent a total of $9.6 billion to help borrowers with mortgages, the bank said in a statement on Monday.The

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