What you need to know about banks’ privacy policies

The bank intermediary is an intermediary between a bank and a customer, typically the customer's bank.When you have a banking relationship with a bank, your banking relationship is confidential, but your banking data is not.You are not required to tell the bank you have chosen to use an intermediary.It is, however, your obligation to notify the bank if you think

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Why India should invest in apprenticeship intermediaries

A growing number of Indian universities are finding themselves in the awkward position of becoming an apprentice intermediary.Here are some of the reasons why. The most common reason: An inability to attract quality graduates The biggest hurdle facing Indian universities is not finding enough graduates.The problem is that most graduates who enter India are either unable to find a job or simply

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What You Need to Know About the Trump Administration’s Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal

When Donald Trump was elected, the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership was supposed to be a major win for American workers.Instead, it is likely to be another victory for corporations that have been pushing to eliminate and privatize workers' rights, labor rights, and environmental protections.And yet, the agreement, which Trump has called a "very, very good deal," is a massive

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