A new report by a Spanish research firm claims Mexico is second only to China as the world’s most traffick country.

The report, conducted by the Institute of Latin American Studies (ILEAS), claims Mexico ranks among the top 10 most trafficker countries, ahead of Indonesia, Colombia, Chile and Guatemala.

The study is based on data from a 2014 study conducted by ILEAS and was presented to the Mexican government last week.

The institute has worked extensively with the Mexican National Institute of Statistics (INIS), the country’s statistics agency, to analyze data on the number of people, goods and services shipped from Mexico to other countries, which has long been one of the most important indicators of the Mexican economy.

The institute estimates that the number traded by Mexico, as of October 15, was worth $1.9 billion.

This is a record high.

But Mexico’s total exports to the United States were worth just $4.1 billion, or less than 1 percent of that figure.

The report found that the top countries on the list, including China and India, had a total trade deficit with Mexico of $1 billion in 2014.

China is the country with the largest trade deficit in the Americas.

The ILEas report claims China is one of seven countries where trade has dropped significantly since 2014.

It cites a report by the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the European Union that estimates the trade deficit of China with the United Kingdom in the 2014-2015 fiscal year was $6.4 billion.

The ILEA report says Mexico’s trade deficit has dropped from an average of $2.4 to $1 in 2014-15, the first year that the country recorded a surplus.

It attributes this to a drop in the value of the peso, as a result of a devaluation in May 2015.

This devaluation reduced Mexico’s import prices and the Mexican Government increased its purchases of U.S. dollars and foreign exchange.

The devaluation also resulted in the Mexican peso falling in value against the dollar.

Mexico is a net importer of goods, with an average trade surplus of $12.9 million.

Mexico’s imports from China, India, and Brazil totalled $34.9 to $45.5 billion.

The U.K. was the country Mexico’s most important source of imports in 2014, with $9.8 billion.

Mexico’s overall trade deficit reached $1,056 million in 2014 compared to $824 million in 2013.

Mexico also has the second highest total trade surplus with Canada at $735 million, and the third largest with Germany at $532 million.

The Institute of Latinos and Intermediaries (ILIM) is the research arm of the Instituto de Estudios Económicas (IEEA), which represents the interests of the Latin American business community.

The Institute of Latinos and Intermigrant Workers (ILIG), founded in 1984, has been an advocate of the right to organize, to engage in trade unions, to form unions, and to organize workers in the construction industry.

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