The best healthcare companies in the country, according to a new report from Moira Financial, are those that leverage a combination of their financial and technology expertise to create value for their clients.

The report, which was released Monday, surveyed the largest providers of medical and related services in the U.S. to see which companies were the most well-positioned to generate revenue and generate revenue streams for their patients.

The top 10 providers were: UnitedHealth Group Inc., Humana Inc., Aetna Inc., Cigna Inc., UnitedHealth Care Inc., Anthem Inc., Pfizer Inc., Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Carolina, Humana Health Inc. and Cignal.

The five lowest ranked providers were the following: United Health Care Inc. (2%), Anthem Inc. (4%), Cigná Inc.  (8%), Humana Corp. (-9%), Aetnna Inc.  (11%) and Pfizer Corp. (12%). 

The companies that were rated the worst for their healthcare offerings were: Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina (12%), Aventis Health Inc., CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield (7%), and WellPoint Health Systems Inc.(7%).

The report also found that healthcare companies can use digital technologies to better manage the costs of their healthcare programs.

Healthcare providers can use technology such as smart meters and smart devices to manage and manage the cost of healthcare for their customers, Moira said.

They can use cloud-based technology to track patient health data to optimize the delivery of healthcare services.

Moira also said that healthcare providers can leverage their tech expertise to improve the efficiency of their health systems.

The report found that while there are no data-driven pricing models or payment solutions for healthcare providers, they can use their technology to offer more competitive pricing models and offer payment solutions.

The companies in this category, according the report, are: United Healthcare Group Inc. , Anthem Inc , Aetana Inc , Cignas Health Corp. , and Blue Cross and Blue Shield Of North Carolina . 

As consumers become more dependent on healthcare, they are increasingly interested in accessing healthcare at reasonable prices.

The most effective way to deliver a good quality of care is to provide value and lower prices to customers, according Dr. Michael T. McAllister, CEO of Moira.

“If we are to reduce the cost burden and improve healthcare delivery for patients, we need to invest in our digital capabilities to help us deliver a more cost-effective healthcare solution.”

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