The US Securities and Exchange Commission will investigate a $US10bn deal between Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and a Chinese financial intermediary in an effort to identify the company that agreed to the deal and why it was approved, US regulators said on Thursday.

The SEC will consider whether the deal, which was completed in December, complies with its rules against cross-border money laundering and other types of transactions.

The proposed transaction between Alibaba and the Chinese Financial Services Corporation was the largest of a series of transactions the US regulator is looking into after an investigation into the country’s money laundering in April.

It involved $US15bn in a deal between two Chinese entities, including a Shanghai-based company, that was completed earlier this year.

The transaction between the two Chinese firms involved a Chinese company that was owned by a family that is the chief beneficiary of the $US20bn ($26bn) in transactions.

Under a proposed regulatory filing, the SEC said that the Alibaba transaction was completed after it was determined that a Chinese person or entity controlled by a Chinese government official or party was the “key” person in the transaction, the company was the key beneficiary, the transaction was “likely to result in” the transfer of the entity, and the transaction’s value “was likely to exceed” $US100m.

A Chinese person, or entity, is defined as “any person or company whose principal business activity is controlled or controlled by the Chinese government or an entity of the Chinese state”.

The SEC is also investigating the deal between the Chinese companies and a British-based investment bank, which is believed to have been set up by a British company.

The new investigation will look into whether there was “reasonable cause” for the deal to be approved and the process by which it was done.

Alibaba and the British investment bank are seeking to close the deal.

The announcement comes as the US government moves to curb Chinese money laundering, a key issue in the US elections, in an attempt to clamp down on the countrys aggressive money laundering policies.

The US and other countries have also stepped up pressure on China over allegations of corruption in its economy.

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