Times of Indian (TIN) has launched a free tool that will let you tailor your advertisements to get them seen more frequently by people who have access to more of the digital space.TIN has partnered with e-commerce and marketing companies, like Adalah and CMS intermediary to create a simple, user-friendly interface that will allow you to easily target advertisements to your target audience.

According to the company, the ad is displayed in a way that can be easily understood and understood by a broad audience.

Users will also be able to filter ads based on their interests and search queries.

It will be able show advertisements for specific keywords, topics and categories, as well as the current sentiment.

The ads are displayed in different ways depending on the category and topic, TIN said.

The ads will be shown in a pop-up window when a user is logged in to the platform, which means they will be visible in a small area of the site.

This feature is not a substitute for real-time marketing and will not be an alternative for that, TIND said.

The tool is only meant to provide users with an option to tailor ads to the right audience.TIND is working with Adalahs and CMS intermediaries to develop the tool.

The platform has already been tested on more than 5,000 sites.

It has been developed by TIND’s research and development team, which has a focus on social media marketing, digital transformation and other digital marketing.

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