NBC News is covering the new year in style by posting some photos from the 2016 season.

The calendar of dates shows us that Fenty has been busy as she’s been promoting her latest album “Nivel”.

We can see she has been working with a fashion photographer, and a couple of models.

We also see a picture of Fenty with the help of the fashion team from Instagram.

Fenty is also working with an advertising agency to promote her new fragrance.

The photo of Fety with the agency shows a picture that has been shared on her Instagram feed for months.

It shows her with a man and a woman in a black suit, and Fenty in a white one.

We’ve seen her on a few Instagrams since she released the new album.

When Fenty was promoting the album, Fety posted photos of herself in a red dress with the caption, “coming home” in an Instagram post.

She also posted a picture with her mother and sister, with Fenty captioning the image, “you two in my life.”

Fenty recently posted a photo of herself wearing a black turtleneck and white shirt with a white scarf around her neck.

She has also been wearing a turtlenecks for several years, but this is the first time she’s worn them on Instagram.

She recently tweeted a picture showing off a new black tuxedo and said, “it’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of my favorite tux.”

Fety is currently working with fashion director, Nick Nardini, to promote the fragrance “Fenty” on Instagram, which is the most requested product of the year.

Fenty is working with Nardinis, who has also previously worked with Nick Nardi.

Fenty has also worked with the advertising agency, SES, on a line of cosmetics and hair products.

As of writing, Fiddy has more than 3.4 million followers on Instagram with over 11.5 million likes.

Fiddy is also the face of the Fenty Beauty brand.

This is the latest Instagram post from Fenty that she’s released. 

Fenty Beauty is the name of a line that Fiddy’s mother, Jennifer Nardin, has created for her daughter.

Jennifer Nardine was the co-founder of cosmetics company L’Oreal and was also the first female to lead the company.

Fiddy, like many of her friends, has a passion for makeup and hair.

She is a longtime Fenty fan who also is an avid follower of Instagram.

Fannie recently shared a photo with her family on Instagram of Fannie, who is her favorite celebrity.

Fiely is also a huge Fiddy fan, posting many selfies with her on Instagram and Twitter.

Fety has also posted several pictures with Fannie.

The photos are a great example of how Fenty uses her Instagram to show off her beauty and make a positive impact.

Fifty also recently posted an Instagram photo of her at a beauty salon.

Fifty is seen wearing a long-sleeve white shirt and black skirt, with the hashtag “beauty.” 

The hashtag “#beauty” is also used to refer to a type of makeup called lipgloss, which Fiddy also loves.

Like most of her followers, Fannie loves to share photos of her with her favorite celebrities.

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