New Oxfordhire bank will be acquired by the Danish company Sankt Nordbank.

The new institution will be a merger of the banks Sanktel and Sanktenbank, according to reports.

Sankstern has a turnover of €3.4 billion ($4.5 billion), according to the Danish financial magazine, Statenskab.

Sanktnordbank will merge the two largest Danish banks, with a combined financial power of €6.5 trillion ($7.2 trillion).

The merged entity will also have the largest crossword and dictionary market in Europe.

Sanksbank will also continue to operate the international crossword market.

Denmark has one of the largest number of crossword markets in the world.

In the past, the Danish crossword board is dominated by the UK’s largest bank Barclays.

The other two major Danish banks are BofA and Deutsche Bank.

SANKT NORDBANKS BRANCH WILL TRANSFER COSTS TO DANESSEFINDSKAB SANKNordbank, which was formed in 1894, is the second largest Danish bank by assets and one of Europe’s largest by revenues.

It is one of Denmark’s largest trading banks.

The merger is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

Sankt Nordbank is the largest Danish financial institution and one the largest in Europe with about 10,000 employees.

The bank has a total assets of around €300 billion ($320 billion) and revenues of €9.4 trillion ($11.4) billion.

The company has a capital of €1.1 trillion ($1.4 $1.7 billion).

The new bank will also include a new division to manage crossword books and databases, according the Danish business daily, Tidsskab, which reported the deal.

Sankedt Nord bank is a member of the Sanktwestern bank family, which includes Danish bank Arup, and has a crossword business in Germany and Austria.

Sankingtenbank is also a member.

The Danish crosswords market is the fourth largest in the European Union, according a 2014 study by Sanktsbank.

The Sanktonbank merged with Danish bank Bofa last year.

SANKTNORDBAN WILL HAVE OVER 100,000 INCOME-SAVING MEMBERS OF THE COMMERCIAL MARKET Sankstrordbank’s assets are valued at around €6 billion ($7 billion) at the end the current financial year, according Tidsskrab.

The new merger will allow Sanktrordbanks assets to reach up to $9.6 billion at the close of trading on March 31, 2020, the company said in a statement.

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