If you’ve got a home insurance policy, you probably don’t want your home insurance company to kick you out when you’ve had a car accident.

That’s because car insurance companies can sue homeowners who have a policy that is not in the best interest of the policyholder, the Center for Responsible Insurers wrote in a study released Tuesday.

The study also found that home insurance companies were not generally willing to settle disputes, according to the Associated Press.

And the researchers found that many home insurance policies that are not in everyone’s best interest are still being sold by insurers that have a lot of money to invest in them.

The center recommends that homeowners check their policies carefully and ask for proof that their home is in their best interest before signing up for coverage.

“Many homeowners do not understand that a policy will be terminated when a collision occurs,” the center wrote.

“Homeowners should contact their insurance agent to obtain information about the policy, its terms, and the conditions of coverage.”

The center’s findings come as insurance companies continue to struggle to find new ways to boost premiums, even as they offer better coverage options for consumers.

The AP’s analysis found that the average cost of car insurance policies on the market was $7,600 in 2018, a decrease of 2.3% from the previous year.

That compares with an average cost in the high $50,000 range in 2018.

In the U.S., insurers have offered more generous policies, allowing for a $5,000 deductible, $3,000 annual limits and $2,500 lifetime limits.

The average rate for car insurance is currently $13,600, according the Insurance Information Institute.

Some policies have been reduced in price since 2018, according a 2017 analysis from the nonprofit National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Homeowners can also look for coverage that is available to them in their state or region.

And many insurers will accept homebuyers in a higher risk zone or those with higher incomes.

But insurers are finding ways to slow down the demand for their policies, even if they’re better for the consumer.

Insurance companies are also finding it hard to keep pace with demand for policies in certain states and areas, according, the report.

Home insurance policies are sold in most states.

However, homebuyer-friendly states, such as California and New York, have a relatively high number of insured homes.

For those states, the AP analysis found, insurers are seeing more complaints and a higher number of claims.

And consumers are less likely to shop around when they’re searching for a policy, according.

That means fewer people are actually buying policies.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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