When I was younger, my mom had to go through an awful divorce that ended in me getting a second divorce.

My mom was very, very, stressed out.

She wasn’t able to put food on the table and was having trouble sleeping, which was a big deal.

And she was a pretty good mom.

It was very stressful.

I was not a good kid.

So I think it was a combination of my father, my mother, my sister and myself, all of us being on the same wavelength.

And we were like, “Mom, let’s get divorced, get divorced.”

So my dad and I got divorced, and we got divorced.

So my sister’s mom got divorced too, and so on.

So that was a really bad marriage.

So we were not very happy, but we didn’t have a choice, because we were stuck.

So, in our mid-20s, I had a pretty big financial burden and, I don’t know, a lot of anxiety, and I was working at a bank and all of a sudden, my life started changing dramatically.

It became very clear to me that I was going to be the only one living the American dream.

So for the next couple of years, I worked in the banking business and then got a job at a small credit union, and then in 2007, I got a $100,000 loan from a large, accredited business entity.

So when I got the loan, I was like, Oh, my gosh.

It’s really hard to live like this, and my parents were like—and I was really struggling, too—they were like OK, let me go.

And I was a little scared.

I had no idea what to expect.

My whole life I thought it was going be really good.

I didn’t know what was going on with my life.

So the loan was a great way to build my life, and it was the first loan I had ever taken out of my parents’ hands.

But it was also really scary.

It had a huge amount of stress, and when I took out the loan it was like a death sentence.

It felt like my life was on the line, and, you know, I really had no choice.

My parents were so terrified of losing their home.

I really thought, Oh my God, it’s going to ruin my life forever.

So it was really scary, and the loan basically became a kind of a death knell for me.

But now I’m a senior manager at a major financial institution, and for the last five years I have been investing.

And it’s been an amazing experience, because it’s like, wow, I have built this incredible business.

It is a huge step up in my life in terms of the financial security.

And the first time I took this loan, it was not for me to pay off my house.

It wasn’t to buy a house, or to put money away.

It really just meant I was giving back to my parents and helping them build this wonderful business.

But I think I can’t be a good parent, I think there’s a disconnect there.

And what I’ve found is, the best advice that I’ve gotten from other people is that when you take out a loan, you need to be a really good person, and you need a lot more than just the basics, like a credit card, so that the loan can help you make money.

And if you have no other options, then that’s probably a bad idea.

And when you get that loan, the thing is, you can’t afford to be this person that just gets a $10,000 mortgage and spends all of their money.

I have never been this rich.

My biggest challenge has been to have a lot less debt.

And so when I take out the loans, it doesn’t feel like it’s about me, it feels like it has to do with my family.

And my parents really love me, and they really want me to succeed, and if I can build this amazing business, it’ll be a blessing for them.

And for them, it means a lot.

The best advice I’ve ever gotten is to invest.

And there’s nothing worse than a person who’s living paycheck to paycheck and having to take out their own life savings and not be able to pay that back.

So if you’re thinking, I’m going to get this loan and be able, you’ve got to invest now.

And honestly, I am a really, really good investor.

And a lot people say, “Well, you should go out and start a hedge fund.”

But I don.

I can do that for free.

I don, I can invest $1 million in a hedge, and that will help me get me through retirement.

So there’s no reason for me not to do it.

But the good news is

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