Tesco is now offering a Tesla financing tool for its home buyers, allowing them to get a loan from the electric automaker even if they don’t own a Tesla.

Tesco says that the Tesla loan tool allows consumers to get financing in an “almost instant fashion,” and allows them to “save money on your loan,” without having to have a Tesla lease or pay the annual $1,000 deposit.

The tool also lets consumers choose a loan type, and can even offer financing for Tesla vehicles they already own.

It also gives consumers the ability to set up a monthly payment, and to change their payment options if they want to save money.

Tesla announced the new tool earlier this week.

In addition to its mortgage loan tool, Tesco said that it is offering the tool to customers who want to use a Tesla-owned car to commute.

Tescos new loan tool will be available to consumers in the US, Europe, and Australia.

Tesco said in a statement that it hopes that this tool will “enable millions of Tesla owners to save on their Tesla loan and access the financial freedom they need to get ahead in their lives.”

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