A former BBC journalist has written a scathing critique of the media and the media sector.

The article, entitled What do I do if I lose my job as the BBC’s journalism journalist?

has been posted on Facebook and is being read by hundreds of thousands of people.

The Guardian understands that the piece, which was commissioned by the organisation’s editorial board, was originally written by Andrew Marr, a former BBC Newsnight reporter and presenter.

It has now been edited and published.

It reads: I am very, very tired of the Guardian’s relentless attack on the BBC and its journalism.

I have been out of the public eye for a long time.

My experience with the Guardian is not as good as others who have been at the organisation, and I am not going to pretend otherwise.

In a letter posted on the Guardian website, Marr says he left the BBC for good in 2014, and is now working as a reporter for the New Statesman magazine in the US.

He claims the media industry has been “crippled” by the Brexit vote, and has blamed the Brexit outcome for “a tsunami of bad news” for journalists and the public.

Marr claims the “greed and arrogance of the powerful has wrecked the BBC”.

Marr wrote the piece in a letter sent to the Guardian on Tuesday and signed by his wife, Ann.

In the letter, he writes: It has been a difficult year for the BBC, and for the media.

I can’t describe how hard it has been for me to do my job, to do what I love.

I am now working for the Guardian in a job that I love, which is to tell stories that people care about.

I know the Guardian and the Guardian Media Group have a vested interest in promoting the BBC News website as the go-to source for breaking news, so I understand that they want to protect me.

The letter also criticises the Guardian for being too close to the government, with whom they have a relationship.

“As I write this, I am facing a government that is more interested in making deals with the Murdochs than in telling the truth about the UK’s national security and Brexit,” it says.

Marra writes that “the press has been turned into an army of corporate lobbyists and government insiders, who are seeking to bend the public’s ears to their agenda.”

In the past, he has also criticised the media for being “too cozy” with the UK government, writing in a recent piece: I want to be clear: I did not work for the government to defend the BBC.

I did my job to defend and expose the UK as a beacon of free speech and democracy.

But I do not want to see the BBC treated like an arm of the government.

I want the BBC to be an arm not of the state, but of the people.

In his letter, Marra criticises “the establishment media” for its “double standards” and its “blatant bias” against him and other journalists who disagree with its political views.

He adds: There is an awful lot that has happened in the past year which I hope you will now take into account, including the revelations of the BBC editing of David Cameron’s phone call to the former head of MI5, Nick Clegg.

But there is also the way the press has behaved in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum.

In August, the Guardian reported that the paper’s editors had decided to remove a story about the British prime minister, Boris Johnson, after the paper published a piece by the former deputy prime minister Nick Cleese.

The paper later apologised for its decision, saying the story had been “misjudged” and “mistakenly published”.

In December, the BBC announced that it had fired the BBC presenter and editor-in-chief of Newsnight, Nick Robinson, after he complained about a “troubling” story about a woman’s alleged sexual harassment allegations against him.

Robinson has said he did not make the complaints against Johnson because he did work for Newsnight.

Marrar also criticised a recent report on the effects of Brexit on British business.

“It was a report by the Centre for Policy Studies that said there was a 50% chance that businesses would be forced to lay off staff and close shop,” he wrote.

“But this was a result of Brexit, which means it is impossible to say with certainty that businesses will close because of Brexit.”

Marr’s article is one of a number that have been published in the wake of the UK leaving the European Union, and his criticisms echo concerns that have recently been voiced by several prominent journalists.

Among them are journalist-turned-activist Glenn Greenwald, who told the Guardian that he and other left-leaning journalists were “very worried” about the consequences of Brexit for journalists.

“They have been so scared of what Brexit will do to the press, and they have been scared of the consequences for their careers, they have not had confidence in the BBC,” Greenwald

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