FIFA, the international governing body of soccer, has decided to license the rights of its intermediaries to players, but the rights will only be used for promoting and regulating the sport.

The decision, announced by the FIFA Executive Committee in a statement released on Wednesday, was announced to the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) on Wednesday afternoon.

FIFA said that the rights were intended for the promotion and regulation of sports and that it was “confident that these rights will be fully utilized.”

It’s not clear if the rights for the intermediaries will be made available to players for the first time.

Players have been demanding to know if the FIFA licensing process will help them develop their skills and whether it will enable them to benefit from the wealth of other players.

They have also said that they want the rights to be used by their country to promote their country.

The World Anti-Doping Agency has been working with FIFA and IAAF on a solution to combat doping in football.

The World Anti Doping Agency is a U.N.-run organization that monitors and investigates anti-doping activities in sport.

It has also had discussions with FIFA about how the rights could be used.FIFA said that while it is aware of the issues raised in the letter, it will “continue to monitor the issue.”

It said it “does not intend to impede the work of the IAAF and the other member associations and will continue to consult closely with them regarding the implementation of the proposed licensing and governance reform.”

It is unclear if the licenses will be given out to players directly, or via the IFA or FIFA, or if the licensing process for intermediaries is limited to FIFA’s governing body.

FIFA has not commented on the proposal.

Last month, FIFA said it would be seeking to obtain licenses for the sale of footballs and other equipment in Brazil, which could include soccers, football equipment, and other sports equipment.

The organization said that it will be asking for the rights.

Fifa is also seeking to establish a governing body to manage the use of its licenses.

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