The first symptoms of Ebola virus disease include fever, headache, muscle aches and a cough.

However, the body doesn’t necessarily know what’s going on, and there is no cure.

This can lead to a lot of anxiety and panic.

If you have an Ebola virus infection, you can’t go to a doctor for treatment or go back home to your family, friends or co-workers.

But if you are already sick and haven’t been tested, you may be able to be seen at your local health centre for a short time to let them know you are having symptoms and what they can do.

Some people with Ebola may not even know they have it, so it’s important to go home and see a doctor if you’re not sure you have Ebola.

Ebola virus is spread by contact with bodily fluids of an infected person, including blood, urine and feces.

The virus can be transmitted through direct contact, coughing or sneezing.

Symptoms of Ebola can include: nausea and vomiting

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