The Irish stock market is under intense pressure due to a spate of scandals involving high-profile investors.

Here are five things you need to know about crowdfunding.


There are two types of crowdfunding: “small” and “large” crowdfunding.

“Small” crowdfunding is where investors donate their money to fund a project.

“Large” crowdfunding, by contrast, is where the investors make a profit by making a profit on a project and by giving money back to the project.

For more on crowdfunding and how to get started, read The Irish Stock Market’s article on crowdfunding.


There is no maximum amount that can be donated.

In most cases, a crowdfunding project can raise anywhere between $2,000 and $25,000.

This means that anyone can contribute to a crowdfunding campaign and there is no cap on how much they can contribute.

This is different from traditional crowdfunding where a limit on how many people can contribute is set by law.


The amount that is being raised depends on the type of project and its goal.

Large projects usually have a higher initial goal and tend to raise more.

Small projects, on the other hand, usually have lower initial and often lower-than-expected goals and tend not to raise as much money.

This makes it hard for people who are struggling financially to start projects and start crowdfunding campaigns.


There aren’t any limits on how long a crowdfunding platform can stay open or how much money it can raise.

There may be limits on the amount of money that a crowdfunding group can raise in a certain period of time.

But there are no limits on whether a crowdfunding site can continue to function after that period.


There’s no maximum number of people that can participate in a crowdfunding account.

There can be a maximum number for a crowdfunding crowdfunding campaign that can raise more than $2 million.

The maximum number that can contribute money to a campaign is set at $25.

The limit is a percentage of the total funding raised.

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