By David DeutschThe launch of the new version, called “Intermediary”, is the latest development in a decade of Google’s ongoing effort to keep up with the rapidly evolving mobile web.

Google, a company that started out as a search engine in the 1970s, is now focused on making its search and discovery tools more accessible to all kinds of people.

While its mobile app has always had a limited number of users, Google is now aiming to offer more users an avenue to explore its catalog of videos.

The app is a mix of search and video, and offers a large selection of the company’s YouTube videos and a variety of “intermediaries” that can take video and audio and combine them into an interactive video.

The company is also making an effort to streamline the video discovery process, introducing new categories, filtering tools, and a more streamlined way to browse videos.

In addition to the new video search feature, Google will add a “intermediate” category to the app to give users more options for watching videos on their phone, laptop, tablet, and desktop computers.

Google is also moving away from traditional video search in favor of a more integrated approach to finding videos.

It has introduced “instagrams”, an interface that allows users to search for videos by topic and video title.

The interface, called InstaWatch, has been designed to be a mobile experience, with users able to share their own videos to share on Instagram and to be rewarded with in-app purchases.

Instawatch has been integrated into the Google app since early October, and is available in the Google Play Store.

The new video discovery tool will also offer an improved search experience.

The video search will now include “search by genre” and “video category”.

Users can also type in a keyword to see what videos are included in a particular category.

For example, a search for “women’s health” will return results for videos from “women health,” but users can also search for all videos about women’s health.

Google also is taking steps to ensure that users can easily search for and share video clips that have been previously posted on the platform.

Users will be able to search by name, title, or tags, and then use a new “share video” feature to upload clips to YouTube.

The new feature also allows users, including influencers and brands, to easily share videos that are available in a given genre and by topic.

The feature also will include a “tag your favorite influencer” feature.

This week’s announcement comes just days after Google unveiled the latest version of Google Play, which was updated to support the new YouTube app in September.

Google recently added a new feature called “Google+ Photos” to the Google Search app, allowing users to share and create their own Google+ photo albums.

The search and media search tools will also include “photo search” and a “photo album” feature, which lets users search photos on their phones, tablets, and computers and then upload them to YouTube for viewers to enjoy.

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