NHL players participating in the NHL Players’ Association’s fundraising initiative announced Friday will receive a bonus of up to $20 million if they are able to donate to a charity.

The players association announced it will be offering players the opportunity to participate in a $2.5 million fundraising effort that will begin with the 2017-18 season and will fund a charity called The Heart Foundation.

The announcement came after a video game tournament hosted by NHL Network that was announced by the league on Friday.

Players were invited to submit videos of themselves playing the game.

The players association said it had received more than 6,000 videos from the players, but only a portion of them were from the video game tournaments.

The video game league will also use the proceeds to fund the Heart Foundation, which will focus on cancer research and early childhood education.

The NHLPA has been working on the fundraiser for more than a year.

It launched the initiative in July and the first video game players took part in the first round of the league’s annual fundraiser in September.

Players from the AHL, the NHL’s parent club, the National Hockey League Development League and the NHLPA were in attendance at the first NHL-wide fundraiser.

The league announced Friday that all players who can donate money will receive $20.5, with the remaining $10.5 going to the Heart Fund.

The maximum donation for a player is $5,000.

The first $10 million of the $2,000,000 fund will go to the NHL Foundation, with a $1.5 billion commitment to help the Heart Society, which supports early childhood development.

The NHLPA will work with the Heart Association to set up the fund, which is expected to be completed in 2024.

“The goal is to build a foundation that will allow us to work with organizations and individuals to invest in the lives of kids in the United States, who are at a much higher risk for cancer, heart disease and stroke than their peers in other parts of the world,” said NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.

The league also announced a new initiative to encourage parents to talk to their children about heart disease at the time of the first checkup.

The initiative, launched this week, allows parents to send a message to their child about the risks of heart disease through an electronic device, such as a tablet, smartphone or computer.

Players will also be able to contribute to the league and NHL Foundation through social media channels.

The message will be sent via a tweet, Facebook post or other media outlet.

Players can also submit video of themselves participating in a charity fundraising event, and the player will receive one point for every $2 donated.

Players can also donate through the NHL website.

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