Westpac Bank is set to start listing its transactions on the rfexi website.

The financial services company said it is the first bank in the world to have such a listing, which will be accessible through its financial services website.

In a statement, Westpac said the listing will help the company meet customer demands for higher liquidity, transparency and a more cost-effective way of trading.

The listing is the latest in a string of moves by the Australian bank to be listed on rferxi, a platform which helps people make money in financial markets by providing information on new technologies, products and services.

Rferx is a platform that enables people to make money from digital transactions and the ability to buy and sell shares in a digital trading account is one of the most popular features.

Rfexis, which began in 2014, has become a leading digital currency trading platform, with a market capitalisation of over $1.7 billion.

It is one among several financial services platforms which have raised funds through their platforms.

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