What is an intermediary?

An intermediary is a company that provides a service that can only be used by a person or group that holds a certain type of account.

This service usually includes financial, legal, and accounting services.

An intermediary can help a company create, store, or receive documents, or it can help businesses create and transfer invoices.

For example, a bank can use a bank intermediary to help with financial planning.

An online lender, for example, may use an intermediary to provide loans.

An account manager, who is in charge of the financial institution’s customer account, can also set up an intermediary that helps the bank with its account creation and verification processes.

An intermediary is usually owned by an intermediary, a financial institution, or an individual.

An individual or small business is often a third party to an intermediary service.

For more information, see How to find an intermediary for your business.

The types of intermediaries include credit unions, investment advisers, and investment advisory firms.

For information on whether an intermediary has a particular product, please see our list of financial products and services.

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