The U.S. government has been slow to provide financial services to small businesses, but some companies are doing just that.

For years, they have sought to circumvent the tax system and get away with it, using their companies’ name and logos to set up financial services companies. 

One of the first of those firms is the American Express Company.

The company has long offered its own business services, including a $2,000 loan to a small business owner who needed a capital infusion. 

The loan came from an account of the company that held a $5,000 trust, which the company said it was able to bypass because the trust was held for American Express’ own purposes. 

American Express is an international banking and financial services company, with operations in more than 40 countries and territories, including the U.K., the U.-S.A., Canada, and Mexico.

Its services include credit card processing, customer service, financial planning, and investments in a variety of businesses, including hotels, home improvement, and pharmaceutical companies.

A few years ago, American Express was accused of laundering millions of dollars in illicit funds, but the charges were later dropped.

The U-K.

has since banned American Express from operating in its territories, and its chief executive resigned last year amid accusations that he improperly used the company’s name and image to promote his own businesses. 

This article is from the archive of our partner The Wire.

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