It was the final moments of Real Madrid’s Champions League quarter-final against Lazio.

It was an exhilarating game, but one that, on reflection, was also a reminder of the difficulties that have been created by the current economic crisis.

In fact, when I look back, the most memorable moment of the game is a header from Karim Benzema which was only saved by a diving penalty. 

But it wasn’t the last goal that we saw from the Real Madrid striker, as Benzema has scored three goals and provided seven assists in the last 10 league games. 

This is because Benzema is one of the best goal scorers in Europe.

He has scored seven goals in seven games this season. 

In fact, Benzema was the only Real Madrid player to score a goal in a league game during the last 15 minutes of a match, and he scored in all of them. 

The best goal scored by a Real Madrid forward is probably a penalty in their quarter-finals. 

His assist for Ronaldo’s first goal is another example of the player who has helped Madrid become the first team to win the Champions League in their first season.

The fact that Benzema’s goal was only blocked by a goalkeeper is a good example of how important his role is for Madrid.

If he had scored more, then the goals would have been a bit more of a bonus. 

Real Madrid’s goals are scored by Real Madrid players.

It is impossible for them to have goals without them.

Benzema, as a central defender, is a great asset for Real Madrid. 

However, he is not as effective as Ronaldo. 

When the team is struggling, Benzemas goals are a vital component for the team. 

It is difficult to find players who can provide goals from a central position.

Benzemes assists make it possible for the rest of the team to play their part. 

If Benzema were to have scored in the second half, it would have changed the course of the match. 

Now that the season is over, Benziemas future is unclear. 

I have a feeling that he will stay at Real Madrid for the time being, but it is difficult for me to predict his future. 

Benzema has played an important role in Madrid’s recent success.

He scored in two of the last three games, but he has yet to score in the final.

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