Mapfre, a Colombian-based online travel provider, said on Friday that it has been operating in Colombia since March 2011 and is the largest provider of travel for the Colombian market. 

Mapfre said that in March, Mapfre has partnered with Colombian government agencies and companies in the Colombian government to provide assistance to the Colombian economy, as well as the military, to promote tourism, education, healthcare, and social welfare in the country. 

“We will continue to work with the Colombian Government and the government of Colombia, through Mapfre and its partners, to enhance the economic and social situation of the people of Colombia,” Mapfre said. 

The Colombia International Tourism Organization (CITO) and the National Association of Tourism Companies (NATEC) are the two governments bodies responsible for implementing the country’s tourism policies and regulations. 

According to Mapfre’s website, Mapfairs are held at its offices and in hotels throughout the country, and the company’s website has information on what the countrys government agencies, embassies, consulates, and other institutions and agencies can and cannot do to promote the Colombian tourism sector.

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