New Scientist, 13 September 2018, 11:19:57 New The term “intermediaries” refers to any company that sells a service to another company or person that has an interest in a product.

The intermediary is an intermediary.

New The term “market” refers in this context to a set of goods, services or other assets, and generally refers to the market where the goods, products, services and assets are sold.

The terms “intervention”, “market”, “supply chain”, “manufacturer”, “dealer”, “seller”, “translator”, “seller” and “dealers” are used interchangeably and do not necessarily refer to the same person.

In Australia, the term “buyer” does not refer to an individual.

Read more about Australia’s ‘intermediation’ laws.

Intermediary market The Australian Government recently announced that it would require intermediaries to have a minimum standard of performance.

It will also be compulsory for intermediaries and suppliers to conduct regular audits of their activities.

Market place The Australian Bureau of Statistics defines a market as a place where goods, or services, or other goods, are sold or exchanged, or where there are prices, prices are accepted, or there is a reasonable expectation that prices will change.

What is an ‘interference’?

In the United States, an interference occurs when one person obtains a benefit from a trade or business relationship.

This can include a “direct benefit”, which is usually monetary compensation, but sometimes includes legal, financial or moral benefits.

An interference occurs in interstate commerce if one party to a trade does something that a second party does not expect to happen.

Indirect or indirect The law in Australia protects two groups of persons from interference: those who benefit directly from the trade or activity and those who do not. 

Interference law is very similar to the law in most other countries, but the law differs in Australia because of a special legal regime in which interstate commerce is regulated in the Federal Government.

State and Territory laws are similar, but differ in how much power is given to the states and territories to legislate on their own.

For example, the federal government is responsible for enforcing the Australian Goods and Services Act 2000, which requires a business to register as an intermediary if it wants to enter into a trade agreement with another person.

This is the law that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has applied to an intermediary in the United Kingdom.

Other Australian laws are more specific.

Australian law requires an intermediary to apply to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) for a licence to engage in a particular activity.

Similarly, an intermediary must register as a registered company under the Australian Financial Services License Act 2012, and must also comply with other licensing requirements.

Under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) Act 2013, consumers who buy or receive a product or service must give their consent to the payment of a fee to a financial institution.

This fee is not tax, and is usually a percentage of the amount purchased or paid.

A business that is registered with ASIC for one of the reasons above is required to register with ASIC if it is seeking to enter a trade.

More information on Australia’s interprovincial trade agreements.

Regulation of the Australian Government Intermediaries are regulated by ASIC in relation to: the regulation of trade agreements;the establishment of a framework of practices that protect consumers from unfair trade practices;the protection of consumers from the risk of unfair competition;the regulation of the commercial activities of businesses and consumers.

Information about the laws that affect intermediaries can be found on the ASIO website at

Contact the Australian Industry Group

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