An alleged scammers allegedly buying guns on the dark web from a Florida man accused in a $1.5 million scam, authorities said Tuesday.

In January, Orlando police said they arrested 22-year-old Michael Hargrove in connection with a gun deal he allegedly arranged for a person with a “mental health issue” to get a firearm.

Police said they learned Hargrot bought two semi-automatic rifles for $1,500 from an undercover officer who was posing as a firearms dealer.

He then allegedly offered the buyer a $100,000 gun contract, which was used to buy two handguns.

The investigation revealed Hargrots identity as a “professional scammer” and his name was on a list of people the FBI had sought information on after receiving a tip from the FBI about Hargropes crimes.

Authorities said Hargotes crimes began in April and ended in June.

Hargrogve, of Orlando, is facing multiple counts of gun-trafficking and attempted firearm possession charges.

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