The word ‘Intermediaries’, as defined in the Financial Transaction Reports Act (FTA) regulations, refers to a person who engages in banking activities for another person or entities, including banks, to enable the other person or entity to make a payment or to issue a loan, and to facilitate transactions in goods and services.

Intermediaries may also be referred to as ‘banks’ and ‘interbank transactions’.

Intermediary Synonym For the past four decades, banks have been defined as entities with interests in or control over an asset or financial instrument and who make their own arrangements for the sale, exchange or other disposition of the asset or instrument.

In this context, the word bank refers to the bank’s principal financial institution, including a bank’s branch offices.

A financial institution is an entity whose principal activity is to conduct financial transactions.

Bank Synonym Banks are financial institutions with deposits of cash and other property, which they use to make loans and other financial transactions in a variety of forms.

Banks are classified as financial institutions by the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank.

The term bank can also refer to a branch office of a financial institution.

Inter-bank transactions Inter-Bank transactions involve transactions between financial institutions that involve the receipt or issuance of funds from one institution to another.

The terms inter-bank and inter-financial include intra-bank, inter-currency and interbank settlement.

Interbank transaction is a transaction between a bank and a third party that occurs between a financial entity and a bank.

Intercross-border transactions Intercrossing borders involves the taking or delivery of money, goods or other property from one country to another, either by force or by agreement.

Intersection refers to two or more entities who, in the same geographic area, are subject to the same or similar rules or regulations of the same jurisdiction.

In Australia, intersections include interbank transactions, intercontinental transactions and intercountry transactions.

Intercontinental transactions are transatlantic transactions between two or three countries.

Interborder transactions are intra-regional transactions between different countries or territories.

Intercountry transactions are interregional, cross-border or transatlantic.

In the United States, interregions are defined as interstate transactions.

In Canada, intertribal transactions are defined in section 18 of the Foreign Investment Review Board Act (FIRB Act) as interregia-territories.

Interregia refers to territories or groups of territories that are not part of Canada.

In some jurisdictions, intergovernmental agreements are referred to collectively as a “foreign entity”.

In Australia and New Zealand, intergovernment agreements are known as intergovernmental arrangements (IEAs).

In Australia or New Zealand an agreement is referred to in the international financial services industry as an “IAA”.

For example, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) or the New Zealand Securities Authority (NZSA) are referred by some to as an IAA.

Interagency transactions Interagency activities are those activities between a business and an intermediary or between an intermediary and a business or a financial market.

Interaction is an economic activity between a commercial or financial entity, including between a private individual and a financial service provider.

For example: A commercial bank or financial service company, for example, may be an interagency partner of a bank that facilitates a transaction or the purchase of securities.

Interdependence between a transaction and an investment in the financial market or a market in general can result in a transaction being referred to either as an intra-agency transaction or an inter-agency investment.

In addition, a financial transaction or market may be referred in one country as an interdealer transaction, or in another country as a cross-dealer or cross-investment transaction.

In either case, the financial transaction is considered to be an intradealer and the investment is considered an intrainvestment.

Interactivity between a person or company and an entity that performs a financial function is an interbank transaction.

Interbanks can be defined in various ways, including by the number of entities involved or the nature of the relationship.

Interrelationship refers to relations between two people or entities that are based on a common purpose, and that are intended to be conducted as a joint transaction, whether or not such activity involves financial transactions, such as buying or selling securities.

The word interrelationship is often used to refer to partnerships between two entities, such that the financial entity performs a specific financial service.

Intergovernmental agreements Intergovernmental arrangements between two countries or regions, or between two different countries, are referred collectively as intergenerational arrangements.

They may involve an agreement between a Government and an Indigenous community.

Intergenerational agreements are not legally binding agreements and are generally not subject to legal obligation.

Interventions In Australia interventions include: the provision of goods or services by a person to another person, other than the provision to pay for goods

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